Graduate Study in the Humanities

Oxford is at the forefront of humanities research internationally, and attracts outstanding academics, researchers and students from across the globe.

The Humanities Division comprises about one third of the University in terms of academic staff and students, with approximately 1,500 graduate students.

Graduate students have the opportunity to undertake their studies and research in a stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding intellectual environment.

The Humanities Division offers taught graduate and research degrees in a wide range of subjects. Some of these subjects are relatively new and many cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Others are areas of academic research that have long been recognised as of central importance, and they include some that few other universities are still able to support. In every case our objective is to sustain and to teach the highest standards of scholarship. The liveliness of intellectual activity in the humanities is evidenced by numerous open lectures and seminars, in addition to those for specific courses.


“My dream is that, one day, Ertegun Scholars will be leaders in every field – as historians and philosophers, as archaeologists and literary scholars, as writers and composers, as statesmen and theologians. "

Mica Ertegun

“Through the Ertegun Programme, the best humanities graduate students in the world have the opportunity, in perpetuity, to do high-quality research, to interact with other fine minds, and to increase the sum of human knowledge and understanding.”

Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH
Chancellor of the University of Oxford