Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Khalid Lyamlahy

Current course: 
DPhil in Modern Languages (French)

After graduating as an engineer from Ecole des Mines d’Alès (2008) in Southern France and working during seven years as a construction project manager in Paris and recently in London, I chose to follow up my passion for literature and prepare a professional conversion in the field of Humanities. Having started my literary studies in 2009, I graduated from Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle with a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and French Literature (2012) followed by a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature (2014).

At Oxford, I am currently reading for a DPhil in French under the supervision of Dr Jane Hiddleston. My thesis looks at the works of three contemporary Moroccan Francophone writers (Mohamed Khaïr-Eddine, Abdelkebir Khatibi and Abdellatif Laâbi), exploring the way their literary production provides an original insight into the Moroccan identity and helps to grasp the complexity of the various challenges facing the country. Beyond the scope of my thesis, my other research interests include contemporary Francophone literature (especially in the Maghreb), French modern fiction, autobiographical writing and literary theory.

Besides academic research, I enjoy doing some fictional writing in French, playing football and visiting art exhibitions. I have completed a novel in French expected to be published next year in Paris and which questions the relation between identity and literary creation. Being a member of the Ertegun community is a huge chance which offers a great opportunity to meet scholars from various backgrounds and opens the way to interdisciplinary and multicultural discussions within the stimulating Ertegun House. Set at the heart of the outstanding environment of studies offered by the University of Oxford, the Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarship is a unique programme which emphasizes the role of Humanities in promoting human values and universal knowledge.  

For more information on my research activities and publications, please visit my academic webpage: