Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Mariana Losa E Ferreira De Castro

Current course: 
MPhil Classical Archaeology

In 2015, I completed my BA in Archaeology with a minor in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University. I am currently a candidate for a MPhil in Classical Archaeology at Oxford University. As an undergraduate, I focused on Classical and East Asian languages, History, and Archaeology, and wrote an Honours thesis exploring the problematic determination of value in archaeological contexts.

I have done Archaeological field work in Belize, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Jordan, and the United States. In Petra, I have worked as a Crew Chief in the Wadi Mataha Project, excavating middle- to upper-class tombs and their associated features. I also participated in the Ad-Deir Monumental Plateau Project (AMPP), where I developed a keen interest in International Development and the restoration and conservation of water systems. My academic interests also include long distance trade routes, maritime archaeology, and intercultural contacts and exchange. At Oxford, I focus my research on Roman trade routes – including their nature and support system – along the southern Nabataean frontier of the Empire.

When I am not carrying buckets of dirt or scuba diving in sunken ships, I enjoy frequenting museums, the theatre, and the wilderness. I am also a movie and audio book enthusiast.

Currently, I host weekly international film screenings at the House. I have also organized an interdisciplinary conference on the contacts between the Hellenistic east and west (21st-22nd October 2016).

I feel extremely thankful, humbled, and privileged to be part of the Ertegun Community. It is hard to image a better environment to foster the study of humanities than one filled with intelligent and hardworking people, in a space dedicated to the development of scholarship and character.