Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Stephanie Oade

Current course: 
DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature

My DPhil looks at Love in classical music and Latin poetry and hopes to offer a precedent for inter-disciplinary study in which the specialist areas are balanced equally and the component parts join together to inform the whole.

I took two simultaneous Bachelors degrees whilst studying in Manchester – one was in music at the Royal Northern College of Music, the other was in Latin at Manchester University. I went on to continue my musical studies as a postgraduate at the Royal Academy of Music before embarking on a performance career, which took me all over the world as soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player. It culminated in a full-time position in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Outside my studies I read books, play music, listen to music, travel, go to the theatre, and make time for food and wine with family and friends.

Ertegun House is an exciting and extraordinary place, offering an unique opportunity for personal and intellectual growth. It is a great honour and a privilege to learn from the other Ertegun scholars, to develop ideas in a richly intellectual environment, and to be a part of the Ertegun community.